Letter from Tony Tripi

Bishop Clark WP Lowenfield

March 25, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with a great sense of enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation and support for The Spirit Today magazine. I have had the privilege of observing, and getting to know, its editor and publisher, Steve Lestarjette, for over a year now in another ministry context and can speak directly to the level of integrity, sincerity and commitment he brings to the production of this important outreach ministry tool.

Personally, as a long-time pastor and facilitator/chair of the Restorative Justice Collaboration in Houston, I believe I can speak for many others when I say it is both remarkable, and a tremendous door of opportunity the Lord has opened, for The Spirit Today magazine to be invited into every prison unit in Texas and every federal prison in the U.S., along with military bases. Furthermore, in the short time it has been available it has already proven to be a valuable ministry tool for evangelism and discipleship that chaplains and other ministry leaders are using to reach the lost.

It is a quality piece that is well written, non-denominational and simply tells the story of how God is at work through His Holy Spirit in miraculous and numerous ways that are inspirational, convicting and encouraging. The regular inclusion of brief, easy-to-read and understand Bible Studies, along with “The Plan of Salvation,” makes it a practical tool for chaplains, evangelists and others to present the Gospel.

I do pray that you will seriously consider and assist in the effort to get this meaningful ministry tool in the hands of those who not only need to be introduced to the love of Jesus, but to those who need to be encouraged in His love daily.


Tony Tripi
Canon Missioner for Discipleship Partnerships

3333 South Panther Creek Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
281-466-1972 Phone
281-602-8756 Fax

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